Fantasy and Paranormal

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The Marked Huntress

Mellowic grew up as the daughter of a hunter, trained to fight the supernatural. When she meets her fated mate Kaine, a werewolf and alpha of the Silvermoon Pack, she does exactly that; fight him.
Unable to contain his impatient wolf Kaine marks Mellowic without her consent, making her luna of his pack. As Kaine tries to regain her trust the pack undergoes life-altering threats in which Mellowic’s strength as luna and huntress are tested.
Will they overcome their differences and save their pack?

The Healing Blood Trilogy

Niev’s world is turned upside down after learns she is no ordinary woman, maybe not even human. Growing up in the human world and unaware of her healing ability Niev is in for a shock when she discovers that she is indestructible. As she discovers who and what she is, she meets Blake Timber, a cursed werewolf who struggles with his fate of being the only Alpha never to rule his own pack.

After discovering Niev is pregnant with his child he had no other choice but to break his father's command and bring her home to his pack and reveal himself to her.

As Niev tries to adjust to her new life, her new home is attacked and Blake’s life is at risk. Will Niev be able to save him?

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